I'm seeking a review of a decision about: 


Information: Promotion / transfer / non-appointment (PDF) 

Application form:  CPS01 - Promotion or transfer or nonappointment  (PDF)

Management initiated transfer

Information: Management initiated transfer (PDF)

Application form: CPS02 - Management initiated transfer (PDF)

Discipline: stand-down/suspension/demotion/dismissal

Information: Discipline: stand-down / suspension / demotion / dismissal (PDF)

Application form: CPS03 - Discipline: stand down or suspension or demotion or dismissal (PDF) 

Medical: stand-down/suspension / dismissal

Information: Medical: stand-down / suspension / dismissal (PDF)

Application form: CPS04 - Medical: stand down or suspension or dismissal on medical grounds (PDF)


Information: Appointment to staff member (PDF)

Application form: 
CPS05 - Appointment to staff member position from police officer position (PDF)

Last updated: 13 September 2019
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