The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC)'s Taskforce Flaxton was established to examine corruption and corruption risks in Queensland corrective services facilities.

Taskforce Flaxton examined possible systemic issues with a view to raising standards of integrity relevant to detecting, managing and preventing corruption risks associated with Queensland corrective services facilities. 

Taskforce Flaxton focused on adult prisons and work camps in Queensland, including the two privately run facilities at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre and Southern Queensland Correctional Centre. The CCC did not examine corruption risks in community-based corrections (e.g. probation and parole) or youth 

Between May and November the CCC held 16 days of public hearings to examine: 

  • Corruption and risks of corruption in Queensland corrective services facilities (including 14 prisons (two managed under private contracts) and work camps).
  • Features of the legislative, policy and operational environment that may enable corrupt conduct to occur or are vulnerable to corrupt conduct. 
  • Reforms to better prevent, detect and deal with corrupt conduct within Queensland corrective services facilities.
Taskforce Flaxton
Research report
An examination of corruption and corruption risks in Queensland's corrective services facilities.

During March 2018, the CCC invited stakeholders and members of the public to contribute to the examination of corruption and corruption risks in Queensland Corrective Services facilities.

  • The CCC has received 33 submissions. All public submissions have been redacted to remove material considered inappropriate for publication. This was done having regard to the criteria for handling submissions set out in the Issues Paper and invitation for public submissions.
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The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) has determined it is in the public interest to confirm its investigation into Moreton
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The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) has launched Operation Impala to examine the misuse of personal and sensitive information by
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The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) has completed a preliminary investigation which was undertaken to inform its assessment of a
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Statement from CCC Chairperson Alan MacSporran
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The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) can confirm the Department of the Premier and Cabinet has provided the CCC with

Operation Impala contact details

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Attn: Operation Impala
GPO Box 3123
QLD 4001


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How to report corruption?

If you wish to lodge a complaint or provide information about an allegation of corrupt conduct in Queensland relating to misuse of confidential information, please lodge your complaint via the CCC's onlinecomplaint form

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